Up’s and Down’s

Little mental health update…

Lately I’ve been feeling very up and down. This is very unlike me to feel this way. Some days I’m happy and life couldn’t get any better. Other days I’m sad about something and for no real reason either. The sad days feel very extreme. Like a deep down low sadness that you can’t shake. I fixate on something and it makes it even worse because then I’m reciting something over and over in my mind until it drives me crazy. I’ve never felt that way before. I wonder if it’s from coming off Zoloft? Being on Zoloft I never felt extreme sadness. I’d have bad days sure but never to the point of sadness I’m feeling now. Thinking back before Zoloft I don’t recall feeling that low of a sadness either. So why now?

I work through it when I am sad. I know it’s not a forever feeling. I talk out whatever is on my mind that’s making me feel sad and eventually it passes. I guess I’m just not used to dealing with sadness because Zoloft kind of masked that for me. Which can be good and bad. Personally I’d rather feel than have something mask my feelings all the time. Zoloft did help me with my anxiety but I didn’t realize it masked my emotions so much. At least that’s what I’m assuming. So it’s been a crazy roller coaster ride but I know I’ll get past it. Everything will level out eventually.
Other than my crazy emotions life has been pretty amazing. Everyday I’m learning and growing, trying to be a better person. That’s all we can do, right?

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