Self Care

Hey guys!

I wanted to talk about self care and why it’s so important to incorporate into your life, not only now, but always.

I feel like my self care game really stepped up in the last 8 months. Once I started meditating regularly and really connecting with myself, it made me see just how important self care was, and how important I was. Meditation helped me to see that I am worth the time, that I’m allowed to invest in myself, that I do matter. Practicing regular self care has really helped me to grow as a woman. To knock the walls down and come into my light.

Side note: Just know that you ARE worth it. You’re allowed to invest in yourself, it’s not selfish. You’re not being a bad wife, mother, friend if you take some extra time within your day, to do something that makes you feel good and fills your cup.

Here are some things I do regularly to practice self care. I always base what I do on how I feel for the day, or just do what my heart leads me to do.

Go on a hike in nature.
Read a book
Listen to a podcast
Eat healthy foods
Sit in a quiet room, usually sip coffee or tea
Take an epson salt bath
Gardening/caring for my plants

Those are my go to’s that I do very consistently. I don’t necessarily do each of them within a week, but I do a handful of those weekly. Just whatever works for me that given day/week.

I hope these suggestions help.

Do you practice self care? What are some things you do for self care? I’d love to hear.

Thanks 🙂

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