Starting a meditation practice

I wanted to talk about meditation, and some ways you can begin your own practice at home. Or in whatever space is available to you.

First, you will want to fine a space where you will do your meditation. This can be anywhere that is relaxing, will have no distractions, and you’ll feel comfortable.

-I typically lay in my bed and meditate when I’m at home. I’ve laid on the couch before too, and outside. I typically lay down to meditate because I find it more relaxing. I’ve sat up a few times but I don’t feel that I get the full benefits of relaxation when I do so.

Second, get any props you may want.

-I like to light some palo santo first, and smudge it around my body to clear the energy. It also smells good and helps me relax. I also like to light incense. Sometimes I’ll grab a crystal if it’s calling me, and hold that when I meditate. All of these things help me to create a more relaxing meditation experience.

Third, choose the style of meditation you’d like to do.

-I typically go for a guided meditation. I really like Aaron Doughty’s meditation videos. He has a wide variety, too. Or just search YouTube and you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy. I have done some meditations where I listen to meditative music, do a body scan, and then just observe my thoughts. Overall I prefer guided meditations that focus on certain things. But there are many different ways to meditate, just find what suites you best.

Fourth, start small.

-Choose a meditation that isn’t super long when you’re first starting out. I think I started out doing 15 minutes, which for some may be to long even. But I had done some meditating in the past, so I was comfortable starting with that. Maybe start with 5 minutes and go from there, or just do what feels good. There is no right or wrong.

Fifth, go easy on yourself.

-Just like anything else, meditation takes practice. It’s a lot of work to quiet the mind and relax. But, if you stick with it you’ll begin to get better and see all the amazing benefits meditation has to offer.

I hope these help with getting a meditation routine started. I highly, highly recommend meditation as a way of self care. You’ll be amazed at the benefits you see from it.

If anyone has any questions let me know. I’m always here to help.


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