Blog/life update

Hey guys! Today I would usually post a recipe blog, but I just haven’t been feeling those lately. So instead I may start posting two weekly blog posts. I usually have a couple posts written up but I only ever post one a week. I didn’t want to commit to posting twice a week if I didn’t have anything flowing through me, but honestly, I always have thoughts/feelings or experiences I want to write about. So I’ll see how this goes. I’m sure my husband, mom and my mother in law will enjoy it, seeing they are probably the only 3 people that read my blog posts anyway. haha 🙂

I’m also going to start making my elderberry syrup again, very soon. September is here, which means cold and flu season is around the corner. And if you have kids back in school, the germs are running rampant already. I personally will start taking elderberry syrup every so often to start to boost my immunity. I will be making my online store live to sell that. It’s $10 for an 8oz jar.

I have also been playing around with some body butter recipes. Once I get that tuned in I’ll have that for sale as well. I haven’t determined pricing on the body butter yet though.

I’m really excited for my store to go live. I’ve been trying to manifest something that is mine, that I enjoy, that I can give to people, and I’m hoping my store can do just that for me. Being a stay at home mom I don’t get that through a typical job. So I’m really excited for what is to come for me.

I’m slowly gaining more confidence in myself and realizing I deserve greatness. Instead of looking at others and wishing I was doing what they were doing, I’ve learned that I to can do those things. I can be the person I envision for myself. It’s taking me a little out of my comfort zone and opens me up to failure and criticism but none of that matters anyway. I’ll continue to follow my heart and do what makes me happy, that’s what matters most.


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