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Happy Hump Day!

I just had a great weekend celebrating my birthday. We were kid free, in Cincinnati. We stayed with a friend of ours, who lives downtown. A couple other friends of ours came to celebrate and spend the day with us too. It was perfect, and absolutely how I wanted to spend my birthday. We walked everywhere, so I saw a lot of the city I hadn’t really explored yet. There’s so much more culture there, it’s a whole different world than what I’m used to in Findlay, and even living in Columbus. We ate some really amazing food and baked goods. And drank some great coffee and beer. We also stopped in some local shops. I got a really cute blue amethyst bracelet, and some local honey. Oh, we also rode the street car, that was fun. It’s really a fun city to visit. I’d really like to do the underground brewery tour at some point. There’s just so much history in that city. I recommend visiting if you can.

My goal of not getting drunk or having a hangover was a success! I’m glad I stayed true to my feelings on alcohol not serving me. But I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. Win, win!

Turning 35 really hasn’t seemed like a big deal to me. It kind of freaks me out thinking that in 5 years I’ll be 40! Eek! But my 30’s have been the best years so far, in my opinion. I’m grateful I had an amazing daughter, before I turned 35. And I have an amazing husband/best friend. I’m super thankful for all that I have at this point in life. I’m also getting back into really great shape again. I’m stronger now than I was at 32. I’m also growing mentally and spiritually. I’m learning more about myself and who I really am, and who I want to continue to evolve to. There’s really no more time for bs in my life, haha!

I’m just beyond grateful for all that I have and all that is yet to come for me. Turning 35 was really all about experiencing more of life and appreciating what I have.

Here’s to many more amazing years! Cheers!

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