Today I’m going to share a simple salad I’ve been enjoying lately. I’ve been eating it for lunch, or for a snack if I need more veggies in my day. It’s a salad so you can customize it however you’d like, but this is how I’ve been making mine lately.

I use spring mix. Depending if it’s a side salad or my main course will determine how much I use.
Shredded carrot
Cucumber, sliced in matchsticks
Onion, chopped
Chickpeas, cooked and seasoned from the chickpea wrap recipe. Even better if I have leftovers already made up.
2 tablespoons dressing. I use Tessemae’s organic honey poppyseed. It’s dairy free and gluten free. Their avocado ranch is really good too.

It’s simple but really good, and satisfies me for lunch or a snack. I hope you enjoy!

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