Good Enough

I never think I’m good enough in the moment, but actually I’m exactly how I should be.

I think, I’m not thin enough, my skin looks bad, my face looks weird, my hair looks bad, etc. etc. But I ALWAYS look back on those photos that I was picking myself apart in, and think, “wow, I looked great”! So I’ve been making a conscious effort, when pictures are taken of me, to not worry about any of that. To just say, “looks good”. Because as I’m learning, it’s clearly a waste of time to pick myself apart. It’s slowly helping me break those thoughts of “perfection”. I don’t want to teach my daughter those bad mental habits either. I’d never want her to think negative things about herself, the way I think them about myself. So the cycle stops with me. It’s not easy but I’m trying.

Short and sweet post on some recent thoughts I’ve been having.

Life update though. I’ve been fighting poison oak for over 2 weeks now. It’s been awful! I’ve gotten a steroid shot, and I’m now on my second steroid prescription. I hope this one does the trick! I’m actually taking the week off from workouts to recover. And I’m 2 pounds from my goal weight. Once I hit that I’ll have to set a new goal. I’m pretty excited, and I have a great support group to hold me accountable. 🙂

I hope everyone’s week is going well. Mine is starting to get a lot better. 🙂 Stay positive.

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