Goal Achieved

Oh. My. Gosh. I did it! I reached my goal weight, which was my pre-pregnancy weight. I hit it today! After lots and lots of consistent, hard work, I did it.

There was no “bouncing back” for me. To me “bouncing” requires little effort. And let me tell you, I’ve worked my a$$ off to get to where I am now. Consistent workouts, consistently eating good for months and months. Did I ever think it would take me this long? (17 months) Nope. I was all, “oh, the weight will just melt off like butter”. Well it didn’t, not for me.

I feel like theres all this pressure to lose the baby weight as fast as possible, and to be fit soon after you’ve had a baby. While that may be realistic for some, I feel for most it’s not. But I was determined to get back to that, to feel like myself again. It wasn’t easy at all, but I wanted it, so I made it happen. I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I’m finally getting some muscle back too. However, my body is shaped a little different. I notice I hold a little more fat in my midsection. Some shirts I wore at this weight, before I had a baby, still don’t fit like they used to. My midsection just seems a little wider. But I have a beautiful baby girl to show for it. And it reminds me of what my body is capable of.

So now I set my next goal.

Just because I have reached this first goal doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working out and eating good. Being healthy is a lifetime commitment, and I’m so glad I found my way back to it.

Whatever you’re goal may be, if you’re determined, consistent, and work your butt off you will achieve it!

I’m going to share my measurements from when I started working out/eating good to today. I was pretty blown away.

Hips: 37 vs. 34.75

Waist: 33.75 vs. 31

Chest: 35.75 vs. 34

Right thigh: 24.10 vs. 22.25

Left thigh: 24.5 vs. 22.25

Thanks for reading!!

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