Daily notes

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated how I’m feeling tapering off my Zoloft. Here are the notes I’ve kept over the last few days.

Update on taking no Zoloft today. It’s 3:30pm. I have felt great all day. I went to the gym and park alone. Feel fine mentally. I have a headache right now but fine otherwise. About to prepare falafel for tonight. I hope it stays this way. Tomorrow I take half pill. One more week of this and then I think I’m just done taking it, assuming I have no major withdrawal. I had thought about doing half pill every three days then being done. We shall see. I’ll ask my doctor.

Day 3 of no pill then 1/2 pill. Today is a no pill day. I feel pretty good. I’m a little foggy headed this evening, it’s 4:30. Other than that I feel normal. I’m happy with how it’s going. No anxiety and I function in public like normal. I do normal activities alone like groceries, gym and park. Hopefully it continues smoothly! ❤️

Later this evening (6:50) I’m feeling sad, like I could cry for no reason. Head still feels foggy, pressure in temples. Meh. I wish I didn’t feel sad. I’m texting my friend and I’m having trouble concentrating. It’s hard to focus on the conversation and I’m having to re-read it. This was a normal occurrence when I’d have anxiety before I was on Zoloft so nothing new there.

It’s 10:30pm and I’m feeling normal again, happy. I just need to learn to let the feelings pass. Let myself feel them and not be hard on myself. It’s normal and my body is adjusting.

Feeling fine this morning. Today is a 1/2 pill day. I feel like myself. So that’s always a good day 🙂 I called my psychiatrist’s office today. I want to see if I can take 5-HTP along with my Zoloft as I taper off. He’s out of the office today so I’ll hopefully get an answer Monday. I’ve read mixed things about combining the two but I’m hoping I can and also hoping it will level out my moods since my brain is adjusting to new serotonin levels, which is why I’m having bouts of sadness. If I can’t combine them I’m for sure taking 5-HTP once I’m fully off Zoloft.

Those are the little notes I keep daily. It’s 1:00 pm and I’m feeling fine. I’d say the worse withdrawal so far is the sadness that comes out of nowhere. Luckily it does go away. I just have to ride it out and try to stay positive. Obviously if it became an issue and was lasting all day that would be a problem but so far so good. When the sadness does happen my brain just wants to give up and start taking my pill like regular again. I know I’m stronger than that. I’ve made it this far and I won’t stop now. I think there’s a strength that comes when someone realizes they need to get help and when someone can realize when the help is no longer needed.

Getting help does not mean someone is weak it means they are strong enough to admit it and seek the help they need.

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