Thoughts from the other day…

This world. There are so many people in it. So many people to meet, to share experiences with, to get to know even if it’s just in passing by having a brief exchange of words. There are so many people out there that we will come into contact with in our lives. Those simple connections can mean a lot to that person or yourself even. I recall when I was in the depths of my anxiety feeling like no one cared or saw me. This particular day I was leaving the gym feeling very sad and a girl held the door for me as I was walking out. We smiled at each other and I said thank you but inside I was overjoyed. “She saw me!”, I thought to myself, “maybe life isn’t that bad.” Her holding the door meant more to me than she will ever know. I mean it happened over a year ago and I still remember it. Sometimes the simplest interaction can mean the world to someone and you don’t even know it. Today for example, I was walking Eevee in the park and I saw a large group of people ahead. The old me would have turned another way to avoid them. I almost did until I said to myself, “no, you’re going to walk that way and interact with those people. Maybe they won’t want to see Eevee or even talk or say hello”, I told myself. So I kept walking. Just making that decision alone I was proud of myself because avoiding people was always my easy way out. So I continued to walk. As I got closer I realized it was a group of adults that were mentally handicapped out for a stroll in the park. They were overjoyed to see Eevee. I even picked her up for the woman in the wheel chair to hold and pet her. They loved it! I was so happy I decided to walk that way and put smiles on those peoples faces. Had I listened to that tiny voice inside my head and walked another way none of that would have happened. A little less positive energy would have been released and smiles would have never been created. I try my hardest to be mindful of the interactions I have with others because someone may need a smile their way or a door held for them. We never know what someone else is going through. Even if they have a smile on their face, they may be struggling. Be kind always!

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