Good morning.  I’d like to share a few more thoughts on my journey of going off meds.  The time before when I was on Zoloft I was what I like to call at my “rock bottom”.  I was in a toxic relationship, I was drinking 7 days a week to the point of blacking out most nights, I was harming myself, I was just a mess.  I started seeing a therapist because my mom made me.  He recommend I start taking Zoloft because he thought I was depressed.  I clearly was but at the time I didn’t see that.  I felt like a normal young 20 something, which I know now that wasn’t the case.  My life was a mess. So I took the Zoloft because I was told to.  I can’t remember exactly for how long I took it but I know it was a least a year.  I decided I was ready to come off and I started the weening process.  That time I did it without having Doctor approval.  Luckily I was smart enough to do some research about coming off meds and it went smoothly minus the withdrawal, which can be normal.

Now let’s fast forward to my current life.  This time I’m on Zoloft for anxiety and panic attacks more so than depression.  It has helped me emmensley.  I’ve met with a psychiatrist twice a year for the last 2 years, keeping him updated on my life and how my meds have worked for me.  During our last 2 visits he told me I could come off my meds anytime I felt ready to.  I was on such a low dose that he felt I was fine to do so.  We talked about weening off Zoloft and how the process should go and he told me if I had any question I can call the office and talk to him. So that takes us to today where I finally felt ready to be off my meds.  Hooray! 🙂

It’s extremely important to talk to a doctor before coming off meds even if you feel you’re ready.  And be sure to ween yourself off.  I’ve done loads of research on Zoloft before I took it for the second time and while I’ve taken it and I’ve also asked my doctor lots of questions as well.  Educating yourself is important before taking any medication.

I hope this post clarified some things and was helpful.  Today is beautiful, go enjoy it!

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