We are pretty well settled into our new house by now. It’s been so nice unpacking and knowing that THIS is our home. This last month I’ve been focused on getting settled in and finding our flow here. My meditation and self care practices had basically fallen to the side. We’ve been here almost a month now, and I can see a HUGE difference in my mental health since I haven’t been practicing my self care rituals. I have been feeling depressed and my anxiety is through the roof all of a sudden.

Prior to moving I was meditating two to three times a week, reading motivational books, doing my morning journal, and listening to uplifting podcasts every single week. (as well as my weekly yoga class, which I missed for two weeks) And then it abruptly stopped. I honestly wasn’t sure how much all of those practices were helping me. I can safely say now that they are crucial for my mental health, and keeping my mind in a good place.

So today I made myself start back my usual self care rituals. I did my morning journal, I took time to meditate, I listened to healing frequency music, and I read some more pages in ‘You are a Badass’. It’s honestly been hard to start this back up, because I in no way feel like doing it. But seeing how unmotivated I am about doing it, makes me realize just how badly I need to get back into this routine.

If you’re struggling right now with your mental health you’re not alone. I encourage you to start some of these practices and see how they can help. Or reach out, and I can help you get started with some self care practices that suite you best.

thanks for reading.

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