How has your mental health been lately?

I know mine has been struggling. While I am in a good place in life right now, like literally living a life I only used to dream of, I feel stuck.

I feel closed off from the world. Which is probably a coping mechanism to what’s going on around the planet right now.

I’m lacking that drive I used to have. That fire from within. I’m just kind of going through the motions and staying in my comfort zone. I’m ready to break this cycle and get back into full alignment, and feel that fire in my belly again.

So what am I doing to get out of this funk?

First I set goals for myself.

Last night I wrote down my plan, some goals I want to achieve. Goal setting is so important when you want to get out of a funk, clear a blockage, and to feel better overall. Goals help me to stay focused, to feel motivated, have purpose and stay on track.

All of my goals are based around my mental health and my business.

I wanted to start waking up earlier to give me some alone time before my daughter wakes up. So I set my alarm for 6:15 to give myself an hour and a half or so, to do self care.

**Also, setting an alarm to wake up early in the morning to be with myself, make time for myself and improve my wellbeing, is self care in itself. It makes me feel important and loved. It’s like a little appointment I made with myself 🙂 **

My morning self care practices look like meditation, some yoga and journaling. (I do other things throughout my day. I can always touch on those later) These three things have been so crucial in the improvement of my mental health over the last year. I haven’t made the time to do them consistently lately. So I’m making adjustments in my day to fit them in. And I like doing them first thing because it puts me in alignment, and in a good mindset to start my day. They also help me to feel energized throughout my day.

I also want to start offering new things through my business. I want to put out more videos on mental health, wellness and all the things like that. I don’t feel like I can successfully do that if I’m not feeling aligned and my best self. And of course motivated. But it’s all in the works! And I’m so excited!

So my goals look like…

  1. set an alarm for 6:15 am to wake up and practice self care
  2. meditate
  3. yoga
  4. journaling

And that all happens within my first 45 min of waking. I probably get it all done in 30ish min. I combine my meditation with the yoga I do. The yoga is sitting down doing a slow flow of body movements. And once all that is done then I do some journaling. Then by 7 I’m ready to start breakfast and conquer my day.

What are some of your favorite self care practices? And how do they help you feel your most elevated self?

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