being mindful (walk)

I went on a mindful walk today (Tuesday) and I’d like to share a little bit about that.

I’m currently feeling like I want to rush time. I’m so excited to move into our new house that everyday feels like it can’t be over fast enough. I don’t want to live life like that, wishing for the days to pass faster. This life is a gift and I have no idea how long I have. So why would I want to rush my days?

So I decided I really needed to connect with me, my higher self, and God. So I went on a mindful walk in the woods. I listened to the sounds around me, I paid attention to my feet hitting the ground, I focused on my heart chakra. I was just really present of myself and my surroundings. I was only focused on those things, and that opened me up to hearing from my highest self and from God.

It helped me to slow down and be appreciative of the now, which is the only moment I have. I was reassured of a lot of things, and also reassure that the path I’m on is the right one.

This is one of the many reasons I love having a mindful practice. I can almost always find the answers I’m looking for within myself. And usually when I seek advice from others, it’s the same advice I silenced within myself already.

Don’t cut yourself short. You know what’s best for you. You have all the answers within yourself. You just need to get quiet, connect and be open to receiving the answers.

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