April update on life

Hey guys!

I’ve been really quiet on here lately. Amongst all this craziness, I’ve been focusing more internally. I’ve been really focusing on my health, and keeping my mind open and expanded. It’s been a great time for that, since everything is slowed down. I’ve also been focusing more on my family, which has been really great. I’m a stay at home mom already, but I feel like the time with my daughter has really changed, in a good way, lately. I no longer feel like I NEED to leave the house to have a productive day. So we spend a lot more solid, quality time at home. Doing a lot of fun things. It’s changing the perspective of my day, that’s for sure.

I also get to see my husband a lot more since he get’s to work from home right now. He has worked from home the majority of our relationship. So when he had to start going into an office, that was a big change for our family. So it’s been nice having him home again. I’m really going to miss him working from home when things “go back to normal”. I’m definitely cherishing his time at home a little more this time around.

Overall, things have been good and I feel really good. I do have my downs, that for sure, but luckily they don’t last long. Reaching out to someone to talk to when that happens really helps. I’m reading a really great book (The Nature of Personal Reality) that’s helping me keep my mind open. I’m practicing weekly meditation to keep me centered and balanced. I’m also praying a lot. Getting out in nature and connecting with mother earth has really helped too.

So that’s a little update on me. I hope everyone is having a great week! Reach out if you need anything. I’m here to help.

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