Anxiety management

Hey guys. I wanted to share some things I do to help manage my anxiety. No matter how big or small my anxiety may be for that particular day, these always help. And in no particular order.

*Meditation. I will admit, for me, it took time for meditation to be really beneficial. After my first time I wasn’t forever changed or anything. But I do believe that a regular practice will help you drastically. Not only with anxiety but with other areas of your life. I personally have had many changes inward and outward since starting a regular meditation practice. If you need any suggestions for guided meditations feel free to ask. But there are ton’s on YouTube.

*CBD oil. I take CBD oil daily. I’ve taken it when I’ve felt a panic attack coming on and it’s brought me out of it. I also take it if I’m feeling a little anxious for the day, and it always helps me chill TF out. It’s a staple for me in my daily life. It’s brought my daily anxiety down drastically.

*Breathe work. When I feel anxious one of my first responses is to take deep breathes. Sometimes I’ll breath in for 5 seconds, hold, and breath out for 5 seconds and repeat. That can really help calm the nervous system. I woke up shaking a few nights ago and I starting doing this practice and I immediately stopped shaking.

*Balance my chakras. This too may not be an automatic help to you, but if you have a regular practice I believe you will see the benefits. I remember a friend asking me once, when I was feeling high anxiety, if my chakras were balanced. I thought, “well no, but how will that help me?” I completely understand now. If I haven’t meditated and balanced my chakras in awhile I can definitely tell. It helps me to feel more balanced, centered and rooted.

*Going outside. Going for a walk or even just sitting outside helps me a lot. And if the weather happens to be bad that day, I’ll just look out a window and look the the trees, birds, etc. Breathing in fresh air, having the sun on my skin, hearing the sounds of nature, they can really help to ease my anxiety.

I hope some of these can help you, if you happen to be feeling higher than normal anxiety right now. These have been crucial for me in staying rooted and centered, especially right now. 🙂

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