Life’s Purpose

I wanted to share something that was on my mind today. It’s about following your dreams, or purpose, in life.

So, quite a few years ago I discovered that my life purpose was to help others. And I knew deep down this was truly my life’s purpose. I had this energy inside of me that wanted to help. I could feel it, and I didn’t know what or how to do it, but I believed it would come to me eventually. So I wrote down on a piece of paper, “I will help others in a big way”, and put it on my bedside stand. So every morning and every night before bed, I would be reminded of this.

Well time passed, and eventually I gave up on myself and my purpose (at that point in time). I felt like I had kept trying and trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, and nothing was coming to me. Eventually I just decided to keep living the mediocre life I was, and give up on my true purpose and dream.

I was a lot different back then and so was my life. I still had a lot of learning and growing to do (still do)

So I threw the paper away, and that was that.

We come to today. This memory happened to pop into my mind. I remembered that paper I wrote on and what it said. I remembered feeling that urge to help others but not knowing how, and it hurt.

I realized that today I AM helping others. I help them with the products I offer them. I help heal. I help introduce holistic medicines into their lives that they may have never tried otherwise. I’m living my life’s purpose! It makes me want to cry in gratitude.

I probably wrote my purpose on that paper, 12/13 years ago. I may have thrown it away and given up on myself, but God didn’t give up on me! I was led in all kinds of crazy directions to get here. But here I am. Happier than ever!

Never give up on your dreams! Never give up on your purpose in life! If you can feel it deep down inside of your heart, it’s real. Keep praying, keep trying, keep working towards it. It will happen!

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