Something on my mind today…

I’ve been constantly seeing the numbers 11:11 for a few months now. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but then I started seeing it more and more. I decided to look into it a little bit.

It’s a sign of awakening, discovering who I really am. That I’m being led by angels and that I’m on the right path. I see this number almost daily in one form or another. Today I was walking through the kitchen and glanced at the clock and there it was. The other day I saw it in a game I was playing. It’s really kind of crazy but it’s also comforting.

It reassures me I’m on the right path. It reassures my confidence in myself and what I’m doing with my business. I know I’m being led and watched over.

It’s been hard putting myself out there with starting my business, because that can lead to failure, and that’s scary. Especially since I want my business to flourish.

Daily, I have negative thoughts about my business and if I’m doing all I can to be successful. I worry I’ll fail. I worry that last month was just a fluke, and I really won’t be successful. That people are just being nice or feel bad for me, and that’s why they are buying my products. Obviously all of that sounds crazy and it’s not true. But that little voice inside is good at trying to bring me down. I’m getting real good at silencing it though, thanks to my meditation practices.

I’m continuously being led in the right directions and making connections with great people. Slowly but surely I am flourishing and growing my business, as well as personal growth. And I am so, so, so grateful!

And honestly, in the end, what have I got to lose? I might as well live a life I’m proud to live. 🙂

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