Shop Small

Hey guys!

I just wanted to put this out thereā€¦

Thanksgiving is approaching, which also means black Friday shopping. However, the next day is Small Business Saturday! Something that can be easily overlooked.

I encourage everyone to try and shop small this holiday season. There are so many amazing, small, local businesses here in Findlay, and the surrounding areas. There are so many extremely talented people out there that offer amazing products and services. They are working their life’s passion, and supporting them means the world.

Other ways to support a small business, other than buying something, is by liking/sharing/commenting on their posts. This will help their content to reach more people. You can share their business page as well. Word of mouth is always great too! It truly adds up, and can really help a small business out.

I’d also like to thank everyone for the love and support that I have received! My first full month as a business has been AMAZING! I’m honestly blown away. I absolutely love what I do, and I believe it’s my life’s purpose. Helping others in a big way has always been my drive in life. I just never really knew how I was supposed to do that. So I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who has supported me, however that may be.

I’m setting some intentions today for the new moon (as I did last month). I hope to have an extremely strong December, and pave the way for a solid new year.

I thank you all, with my whole entire heart, because it means more to me than you’ll ever know!

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