Monday Update

Hey guys. I have not been making time to write lately. Last week we were fighting off colds. Thankfully they didn’t progress (thanks elderberry and colloidal silver). So I was all over the place it seemed. This week seems to be back to normal. Colds are gone, just some sniffles left, and I’m feeling good and energized.

I’m in the process of getting my LLC, like I had previously mentioned. We have to meet with the lawyer and get the ball rolling. I’m also looking into the laws associated with making and selling elderberry syrup. There are so many more pieces to the puzzle since I’m wanting to broaden my sales, and make my company legit. It’s a lot of information but it will be worth it. (Thanks to Katy for our business chat this morning)

So things are moving along slowly but I’m getting there. Learning everyday, because there is so much to learn!

I am so easily getting discouraged with things but I just have to learn to be patient. Things are happening, and I have things in the process of happening. I just have to trust the process. Good things will come!

Thanks for reading. And thanks for the love and support.

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