energy channeling

I was sitting down to do some writing (or something) on my computer. I had this urge to connect or channel some energy. I didn’t really know what that meant but I knew my body wanted that. I could just feel connection in my heart and the energy flowing.

I started to think of my dad, so I decided to sit and channel energy to my dad. I grabbed a crystal, his ashes, and an old family picture that I have sitting out. I sat there with my eyes closed and my hands hovering over the items I picked out. I could feel the energy in my palms. I saw some white light and my upper body started making small circles. I remembered back to a hug my dad and I exchanged, one time, when I was getting ready to leave his house. It felt peaceful for awhile, but then I said, “come back”. And the tears started flowing. I felt like I had him there, for just a few minutes, and he left. The tears wouldn’t stop, I just let them all out. I spoke some words out loud. Eventually the energy flow stopped all together and I was done. I said a prayer and started feeling some relief.

It was quite the experience. I by no means actually communicated with my dad but I meditated on a past experience, which helped release some energy I’ve held onto. It was a nice release.

I just know my dad would have some helpful advice right now with my trying to start a business. He too had his own business at one point in time. I think he would be really proud of me, and that’s hard too. He doesn’t get to see any of it. (Not to mention he doesn’t get to know Olivia.)

Loss never get’s any easier, let me tell you. I’m not sure why these feelings decided to show up today, but here they are.

I did some meditating after all of this and it made me feel even better. Re connecting with myself and being in the present always helps. I’m so thankful for all I have in life, my family, the communities I’m a part of, and my overall well being. Those are the things that matter most. I feel so great-full, and grounded in love and appreciation.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. 🙂

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