Positive turn around

Let’s see, where to start…

My mental health hasn’t been the best lately. I’ve been struggling. I’m not finding joy in things I used to and my motivation has been pretty low. Basically, depression has set in. So how do I get out of this cycle?

I feel like I never get invited places, but I also don’t feel like inviting anyone to do anything. I feel isolated at home, and that get’s me down. I always do things alone, which I don’t mind at times, but lately it’s made me feel even more alone. I’m not working towards any goals currently, so I have nothing that’s driving me. I feel like motherhood, and being a stay at home mom has defined me, and I don’t want that. Sure, I want to be a good mom, and have people recognize that. But I also want to be seen for more than just that. And right now I don’t feel like I am.

How can I change this? I can start making plans with friends, doing things I enjoy, instead of waiting on others to ask me. I can make myself a priority, instead of thinking it’s not a big deal. I always tell my husband he needs to make time for himself. The other day he told me I need to take my own advice and do that same. đŸ™‚

I also made myself a goal to achieve. I want to start selling my homemade body butter on my website. I’m also going to make beard balm. My husband came up with a logo because he’s super awesome!

Other things I want to do this year: go on a hike, go camping/stay in a cabin, visit Cincinnati/breweries, go kayaking, run a 5K, visit Columbus/breweries, do goat yoga, have a beach day.

Seeing my goals, and the things I want to achieve this year, written down, makes me feel good. Here’s to hoping my mental health will have a wonderful turn around, and the rest of the year is a positive one.

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