Mind, Body and Soul

Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, and that I’ve been working really hard on is being body positive and feeling good in my skin again, post baby. I didn’t realize how long it would take me to feel like me again, and to feel like I’m back in MY body again. Being pregnant, my body did all kinds of stuff that was out of my control, same with postpartum. It’s really strange to feel like you’re not you, the person you’ve known for, in my case, 34 years. Your body is taken over by this little person and continues to be after they are born. Olivia will be 11 months tomorrow and I’m FINALLY feeling like me again, inside and out. I’ve been working out consistently for 7 months. I’ve been eating really well for 3 months, to where I’m seeing the results I want with my body. I’m starting to feel creative again and starting to find time for myself again. I’m really working on the trifecta, mind, body and soul.

First came my mind. Dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety right off the bat, I had to tackle that first. I’ve felt in a good place with that for some months now. I am still on Zoloft and I take CBD as well.

Second came my body. Anyone that’s known me for awhile knows I love working out. I’ve been in descent shape most of my adult life. So I had a really hard time with my body changing during pregnancy, and was really hard on myself postpartum when I didn’t “bounce back” like you hear everyone tell you. There was no bounce back for me. I’ve worked my ass off to get back to where I am today. I’m finally feeling strong, gaining muscle, getting my core strength back and loving the shape my body is taking. For me, loving my body was crucial to feeling like me again, since working about and being fit has been a huge part of my life for so long. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. Feeling fit and healthy really makes me feel like me again.

Third has been soul. I’m getting more in touch with my soul through yoga, which I’m still doing once to twice a week. It really helps me feel connected to myself and the world around me, which helps with my creativity. Yoga also gives my soul energy and makes me feel powerful. Which in turn helps with my mental health.

I’m really great full for all of my experiences in life, good and bad. If it wasn’t for those I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thanks for reading.

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