We made it.


Well we made it! We are officially living in Columbus. It was an incredibly long weekend but we managed to move mostly by ourselves. Nick’s parent’s helped us both days and our friend Alex helped Friday, thanks guys 🙂 ! Today is Monday and we are almost done unpacking. We can’t unpack the bathroom’s or kitchen fully because we are getting new cabinets and vanity’s put in, which is awesome but I’m also ready to be fully unpacked. The area we live in is nice and close to just about everything we could possibly want or need. I’m super happy that we stumbled upon this townhouse. As for my anxiety and moving/change happening it’s been good. I had a little anxiety creep up on me last night but I think it was because I had a cold brew coffee and the caffeine intake was just to much for me and that’s an automatic trigger for my anxiety, so it gave me the jitters. I felt sad and fearful for no reason. Which were always clear signs for me that I was having anxiety but I’m feeling great today. I’m super excited that we made this leap and moved away. I honestly thought I’d never leave Findlay. I assumed I’d move out of state if I did ever move but I’m glad we chose Columbus. So if any of you know the area well leave some suggestions for places to check out and what not. Half the fun is exploring 🙂 Thank you all for the support. Love you all!

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