Self Love

Self Love. Why is this such a hard concept for us to grasp?

I personally struggle with self love. Given all the recent changes in my life I’m starting to find out where the root of my problem was and how I could fix it. I think it boils down to being happy, truly happy with the life you’re living. I thought I was happy. Any thoughts that went against the life I was living I shut down immediately and thought of something else. I suppressed many emotions for a long time and honestly didn’t recognize I was even doing it at the time but I see it loud and clear now. I think a lot of that also tied into me not loving myself. How could I love myself if I didn’t love the life I was living? So I left a marriage behind and lost many friends (not by my choice) because I was unhappy. But because I was strong enough to do so I have discovered more of who I am and what I want in life. I feel so much more free, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know myself more and I love myself more. I have found it’s easier to accept who I am now than ever before. Do I still struggle with self love? Of course! But not nearly as much as I have. To me that means I’ve eliminated the causes of why I was hurting on the inside. I think true self love happens on the inside and protrudes outward . I’ve had many friends tell me I look so much happier now. If other’s can see it you know you’re doing something right with your life.

So in my personal experience if you’re having problems loving yourself and who you are at this exact moment maybe you need to look at your life and make a change? Wait are those Michael Jackson lyrics? haha Anyway…that’s what worked for me, not saying that’s what others need but it’s worth a shot. Maybe your job sucks and you need a new one, maybe you need to try to be more social, maybe you’re in a dead end relationship but stay because its comfortable, maybe you need to move to a new city, state or country, whatever it may be you can change it if you want it bad enough. Sure change is hard but if you’re willing to fight through the fear to become a happier you then it’s worth it. I want nothing more than to fully, FULLY love myself and for others to love themselves to. We all just need to be confident and own who we are, not letting the opinions of others stop us. Think about that for a second. If you didn’t care about what others thought of you, what would you be doing with your life, what changes would you make? If anything comes to mind maybe start there for a happier you.

Love yourself and others. We all struggle.

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