Today I was looking through the photos on my phone, seeing all the good times I’ve had over the last few months and realizing how lucky I am. After all the crap I’ve been through I’ve only come out stronger and some pretty amazing people have stayed by my side the whole time. I think sometimes it’s easy to think there isn’t much to the lives we live, that they are boring and we wish we did more. That’s why I love looking back at pictures I’ve taken. It reminds me that my life is pretty great, despite the hard times, and that I have an amazing group of friends and family that I’ve shared so many memories with.

I guess today I’m just feeling very grateful for the life that I do have. I can honestly say I haven’t been this happy in years! I do still have mental battles from time to time but over all life couldn’t be better. Over the span of almost 5 months I’ve been able to come off the anti-depressant I’d been on for 2 years. I drink way less alcohol. I notice I am so much more positive about life and I am surrounded by much more positive people now. I see photos of myself and I truly look happy and inside I truly feel happy. When I smile it comes from my heart now. My heart is so full and happy.

I guess I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s been with me, who’s supported me, who’s sent me messages, etc. My friends and family mean so much to me and I’d be lost without them. I’ve had some amazing times these last few months and I hope to continue to make memories with the ones I hold closest to me. I know I’ve posted a “thank you” post before but honestly I don’t think it’s said enough.

So thank you, I love you all. Keep being happy positive people and continue to support others! This world needs LOVE spread like the plague right now! So do your part to help 🙂

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