talk it out…girl.


Mind expansion journaling. Hmm…

So today it’s been over a week since i haven’t taken Zoloft. I’m doing ok. I’m having foggy head, hard to focus, anxiety headaches, and pressure in my temples. Other than that I’m fine. It’s manageable and I’m hoping it’s just a side affect from zoloft leaving my body and my body is still leveling everything out. I’m talking out my feelings when I need to. Even when I feel like I’m being excessive or crazy I still talk it out and I find that’s helping. I’ve always been one to just keep it all in and hope it will go away. I’m one that feels like other’s don’t care about my feelings so I bottle them up. I’m a great listener :). I’m trying my hardest to be honest about how I feel and talk when something is bothering me, big or small. I feel so much more relieved when I speak it. That’s the thing with anxiety. You can easily create something out of nothing. So I worry much more than I need to about everything. I create a disaster out of something that most would forget in a second. I fixate on things and let them bother me to no end. Even when it’s been resolved. That’s when I have to actively tell myself to move on, forget it, it’s been resolved. I can’t obsess and drive myself crazy. That’s when the anxiety takes over. It’s all a learning process and I’m so thankful to have amazing people in my life that help me out and understand. Living life with anxiety everyday is a challenge but I look at that in a positive way. I have become so much stronger mentally because of this. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how strong I really am. I know without a doubt I can do anything and get through any situation. For as much sadness and doubt anxiety had brought me in the past it’s brought me even more happiness and strength. I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s made me who I am today and I love who am. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be dark for awhile but keep walking and you’ll find the way out.

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