Life’s a garden. Dig it.


A little update. Today ends the cycle of 1/2 pill and no pill of Zoloft. I’m going to see how I feel after two days of no zoloft and I might take a 1/2 pill Wednesday and Saturday to continue tapering for another week.
How I’m feeling…
Friday (4/21)

I had a slight panic episode. Not a full on attack but symptoms that always lead up to one. I knew exactly what caused it and once that got resolved I was fine. I did feel a little off the rest of the day but it was manageable. Once again it’s all part of coming off a medication, for me at least, everyone is different. Earlier that day I had a baby shower and got to see an awesome group of women and I had a blast. That night my boyfriend’s dads band had a gig and we went to that. It’s always a good time seeing his family and I had fun doing that. I had no anxiety or panic feelings at either outing which is great for me given the fact I’m coming off the medication.

The whole weekend in general went well. My only hardship was the small panic episode I had Saturday. Other than that I’ve felt good and like myself. I’m so happy with life at the moment I wouldn’t change a thing.

Oh I’m also taking 5-HTP now. I talked to my doctor Saturday and he said that it’s fine that I take the two together. So I’ve been doing that since Saturday as well. I can’t exactly tell if it’s helping yet since it’s so new and there is still Zoloft in my system but I’ll continue to blog about it and see if it helps at all.

It’s Tuesday. I haven’t taken Zoloft for two full days now. I have felt perfectly fine. No panic or anxiety. I don’t think I’ll be taking the 1/2 pill tomorrow and another half Saturday like I had thought about. Unless for some reason something comes up and I feel like I need the extra week to taper off but it’s going pretty good. Much better than I thought it would. It’s crazy how if you have a bad experience with something once, it can scare you enough to never want to come near it again. I’m glad I didn’t let fear get in the way of coming off my meds.


So overall things are going great.  Today is day 4 of no meds.  It takes up to 6 days for it to fully leave my system.  That’s about it.  Time to go workout.

“Life’s a garden. Dig it.”  🙂

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