Feeling Fine


This morning my head feels a little cloudy. Sinus pressure feeling in cheeks temples and forehead. Is it med related or just sinus? Feeling good otherwise. I’m at the gym doing cardio right now.

One of the most frustrating things about being on Zoloft is gaining weight. I’ve gained 12 lbs from when I went on it. I’m an avid gym goer and that didn’t seem to matter. Maybe it slowed the process but I still slowly gained weight. Which is a very common side affect when taking Zoloft. I’m excited to (hopefully) drop the weight I gained and be back to feeling like myself again. I go to the gym 3 to 4 days a week. I lift and do cardio so I know I should be able to lose weight or at least maintain and I’m gaining. And no it’s not muscle! And yes I also eat well, a balanced lifestyle I’ll call it. The last time I took Zoloft I gained 20 lbs. so I’m lucky this time!

This afternoon I’m feeling fine. Tattoo appointment at 5 in Toledo. Going alone. First time going alone for a tattoo.


Day 4 of taking 1/2 pill of Zoloft. I felt fine first thing this morning. As the day has gone on, it’s almost 11, I feel a little foggy brained. It’s that feeling of sinus pressure around my cheeks, temples and forehead. I have felt sleepy but that could just be my love of napping 🙂 because I’ve also had energy like normal. I haven’t experienced any major dizziness like I did the last time I went off Zoloft but I was also on a much higher dose the time before. I was proud of myself for going to my tattoo appointment alone. Not only because I’m going off my meds and I just wasn’t sure how that would go but also because I’m not used to doing things alone and I totally rocked it. Doing things alone may be a common everyday thing for most but for me it never was. So I was proud of myself. I was a little anxious when I first arrived to my appointment but that’s just normal anxiety and it went away shortly. So all in all going off my meds has gone well. I haven’t had any major anxiety and I feel good. Now off to enjoy this beautiful day. 🙂

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