Makeup Blurbs: My favs

So this blog is a little different than previous posts. I wanted to blog about something that interests me and that I’m passionate about. I have been into high end makeup for many years now. Once I discovered Sephora it was all over. I started buying Sephora brand and some other random brands, not having done any research on the brands or the products before hand, which left me with some iffy products. One of the first brands I really fell in love with was Kat VonD. I loved her as a person and what she stood for and her makeup was pretty great itself. I mainly liked her eye shadow pallets. I eventually found Too Faced, Smashbox, Hourglass, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay. Those are just a few of my fave brands at the moment. Once my obsession really took off I started following beauty bloggers for tips and tricks to applying makeup. After all I was spending tons of money on my makeup so I wanted to get the best use out of it. (I’ll share links to some of my favorite beauty bloggers that I’ve followed for awhile now.) After watching a lot of their videos I noticed most of them were vegan/cruelty free makeup supporters. Which got me digging into a whole new subject matter with makeup. I am an animal lover and now a vegetarian so it made sense to try and purchase makeup that didn’t test on animals or use any animal product in them. Logical Harmony is a great website that keeps up to date information on vegan/cruelty free makeup brands. I am currently in the process of eliminating any brands I use that aren’t vegan/cruelty free. I already use quite a few that are because in the past I did make a conscious decision to choose only those brands.

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