Things I’m realizing from recent events going on in my life… People, whether it be family or friends won’t always be in your life. Some are meant to stay but others will go away, and that’s ok. They won’t always be supportive and they will abandon you for the choices you make. This is what … Read more


SHE She knew who she wanted to be but darkness consumed her being. She was haunted by her true self. She awoke knowing she was living a lie. Will strength find her? Or will she die never knowing? Confined by the walls she built. She wept.


Do you ever just feel alone? Trapped in a world full of people but it’s almost like they don’t know you exist anymore. That’s how I feel here. I feel like the world is moving around me and I’m standing in the middle watching it all happen. Feeling numb to its existence. Waiting for the … Read more