New Year Mantra

Happy New Year’s Eve.

I’ve been thinking about my new year’s goals on and off. I hadn’t written any down yet, other than the goals for my business.

My overall goal, or mantra if you will, is ABUNDANCE. For once in my life I feel that I truly deserve great things in life. And I believe I am capable of achieving great things. So my mantra for the year is, “I am open to receiving abundance.”

“I am open to receiving abundance.”

What does abundance mean to me? To me it’s in the form of community, sisterhood, green energy, family, business, my marriage, health. These are all things I am open to receiving abundance in. And I believe I am capable of being abundant in each of those areas in my life.

So this year instead of writing out a list of goals, like I have done for a few years now. I am simply going to keep this mantra in my mind. By doing so, I truly believe I will see many positive changes in my life as the year passes.

I’ve already seen so many positive changes in the last couple months because of this. So let’s keep it going 🙂

Do you have any goals, mantra’s, etc, that you have for the new year? I’d love to hear them.

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