Happy Hump Day!

I started my new workout program on Monday, it’s going good so far. The first two days were 60 minute workouts, so it’s taking me some getting used to. I’m one that enjoys a short 20 to 30 min workout, but I’m enjoying it. It feels good to start lifting again. I love lifting weights as my primary workout. My nutrition has been on track as well. I’m not counting macros or calories or anything. I’m just being aware of portions sizes and mindful of what I’m eating, following the portion fix containers (beachbody).

Today I woke up and my body was feeling worn down. I immediately went to thoughts of failure. How was I going to keep up with my goal? It’s easier to just give up. I quickly made myself snap out of those thoughts of failure. I could do it and I would! So after breakfast and coffee, I got in my workout gear and did my 40 min workout. And it felt great! It was cardio core and I sweat like crazy. Even though I love working out, it doesn’t always come easy to me. I have to motivate myself and sometimes just force myself to do it, especially in the beginning. And I never ever regret doing a workout. I only regret the workout I didn’t do. Today was one of those days I had to hype myself up. It also helps being surrounded by other women that are working towards similar goals. It’s so important to surround yourself with people that motivate you and help you grow.

Something I was thinking about on and off yesterday, was one of the facebook groups I’m in, and all the women that are in it. We are all in different stages of life but all want to better ourselves one way or another. We all try to check in with Beth (the group leader) and I love seeing what we all accomplished for the day, big or small. We are all just trying to do our best with our current situations in life. I love it. We don’t all get a traditional workout in everyday. Sometimes it’s yard work, or work around the house, or playing with our kids. It’s motivating to be in a group with them all because I know we are all trying our hardest to reach our goals. Somedays are better than others, and that’s just life.

It’s so easy to compare our journey to someone else’s, even though we live a totally different life than them. I try so hard to remember, this is mine, and no one else’s. And that is their’s, and no one else’s. At the end of the day I think we all just try to be our best, no matter how big or small that looks.

All of my girlfriends are doing super amazing things in their lives right now, and they are all totally different things. I’m so grateful to know them and have them in my circle. They keep me going. Having friends that work hard and are goal oriented is my jam. I’ve got no time for friends that suck the life out of me just by being around them. So thanks to all my amazing friends, family, and acquaintances that motivate me on the daily. You’re all amazing and I see you! And if you need more of that in your life, you can join some of the groups I’m in on facebook. Just message or comment.

Thanks for reading!

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