Goals crushed.

Hey all!

Ok, so today as I was feeling like I was getting pulled in a thousand directions. I was trying to get things around the house done, so I paused and took a second to think. I had to center myself and breathe and try to focus on one task at a time. I was thinking of all the things that currently needed done, and I was literally just standing in the kitchen doing none of them because I was so overwhelmed. So I took 5 min, cleared my mind, and got to it. And they magically started to actually get done, go figure.

A lot of time in life I feel like I’m getting pulled in so many different directions. All of my energy is going to all these things I’m trying to do, and usually for someone else. But when does the direction point to me? When do I get to put energy into myself?

Before I had Olivia, I had all the time in the world to focus on myself. It was easy. Now, almost 16 months into motherhood, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to focus on me. So much energy goes into raising a tiny human, you sometimes forget about yourself. Let alone have the energy to focus on yourself, after said little human is in bed. Because that’s when my energy would go to picking up the house, because a mess give me anxiety. And spending time with my husband. And just trying to relax.

I’m ready to put more of my focus and energy on me! I’m ready to focus on things that make me feel good and I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I do things I enjoy still. But I don’t put 100% of my heart and soul into it. Mainly because the majority of my focus is on my family and not just me. I’m ready to shift some of that focus and energy on me, and my goals.

I still matter. I’m not JUST a mother now. I still have goals and dreams. I can’t forget who I am.

Working out and getting my nutrition back on track is something I love dedicating time to, and putting in my all. It’s part of who I am. I also want to get my blog up and running because writing is something I enjoy. And I really, really hope to inspire and help others, through my life experiences.

Today, I finished day 5 of my workouts for the week. I’m also staying on track with my nutrition. So basically I’m crushing my goals for the week. I hope you are too!

Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.

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