I never gave up

These two shirts probably don’t mean a lot to you but they mean so much to me. I have saved these shirts for many years. At first I saved them just to have them. I like having concert tees to look back on and I wore them for a few years.

Eventually I started saving them in hopes to someday give them to my future child. I always thought it would be cool to have old band tee’s from my parents era, not that I ever got any, but I thought the idea was cool. So I saved them. Every year I’d go through my clothes and get rid of things I hadn’t worn and every year I’d easily, with no hesitation, put those back at the bottom of my drawer to save another year. As the years went on and I got a little older I found myself having to talk myself into saving them. I’d debate back and forth in my head whether they were even worth saving anymore. Having a child didn’t seem to be in the picture for me but every year I’d continue to talk myself into keeping them. Deep down I knew it would happen someday. So back in my drawer they went.

That brings us to today. I’m going to have a baby girl! 🙂 Maybe she will think the idea of these shirts is stupid and won’t be interested in them at all or maybe she will think I’m a total bad ass and wear them constantly. Either way, I hope she can at least take from it that before she was ever even a possibility she was a thought in my mind and had a place in my heart and that I never once gave up on her!

I love you so much baby girl.

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