Working out and Pregnancy

Today I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for staying so active during my pregnancy thus far. It has not been the easiest at times but I’m bound and determined. I think a lot of what is helping me in continuing my drive is having a pretty solid workout routine over the last 8 or so years. Exercise has really taught me about myself and pushing my body to its limits, as well as pushing my mental abilities. Being pregnant and working out is much more about pushing my mental abilities than physical. (Since you can’t lose weight when your pregnant or have mad gains, lol. You’re basically just staying in shape.) I love having a strong mind and continuing to exercise my mental strength. Not only will working out/staying in shape help me out a ton physically during my pregnancy, labor and delivery but continuing to stay strong mentally will help with all that as well.

Today I absolutely did not want to workout. I woke up with a sinus headache and stuffy nose, still tired from my active day yesterday of walking dogs. I did my typical morning routine, breakfast, coffee, and Netflix. In the back of my mind I was dreading working out but today was a workout day. So instead of letting my mind be weak and talk me out of it I got up, put on workout clothes and completed my workout. I felt great after for pushing myself to do it. I mean I still feel like ass now from my sinus issues lol but I did it!

It’s so important to stay active during pregnancy and there are so many benefits for baby and me. I hope I can continue to do so until I’m ready to deliver. Tons of women workout up until the day before they deliver. I know anything can happen at any point in pregnancy so I take it day by day. Right now I’m just thankful I have the ability to be active and I feel pretty damn proud of myself for choosing to do so.

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