Two week break

I just took a nice two week break from social media.

Up to this point, of deciding to take a break, I was feeling stuck between lots of chaos. Kind of like being in the middle of a tornado and not knowing how to escape. I finally told myself I needed to step away, because I knew this was the cause. So that’s what I did. I only got on my business accounts to check for messages, and to look at a few friends accounts who run their businesses primarily online.

I was finding the things on my feed to be really triggering for myself, even the things I agreed with. I’d get upset that more people didn’t see things the way I did, or get upset because the world was far from functioning in this way that I felt to be right. I found myself being very judgmental with others that didn’t at least (slightly) think the way I did. (and OMG how awful is that!?) I like to consider myself a pretty openminded person. Open to views that go against my own, and viewing them with a loving heart. And I am at times. But for whatever reason I was getting sucked into the thing that I always say to stay away from (the news, mainstream media, politics). I think I was searching for some comfort, or answers, or something (anything) but it was just making things worse. And I absolutely will never find comfort in those things, ever.

There’s no way of making sense of any of it. It’s meant to leave you confused, fearful, hateful, etc. I was like, Trisha what are you doing? You know these things are a big energy suck and don’t deserve your attention. I have my own beliefs about things, how things are, how the world works, etc. But when I begin to get sucked into others opinions on these topics (whether it’s from a news source or a friend) it throws me off my own path. I already have the answers within myself. I don’t need anyone else to feed me their opinion, or tell me how I should feel about a certain topic.

(Something else I’m working on is not absorbing others opinions or energies, and confusing them for my own. Allowing myself to be an observer, or analyze but then leaving it behind, not carrying it with me. Because of course I’m open to hearing others views but I sometimes have a hard time just observing those and then letting them go. Whether it’s something I believe to be true or not.) This is where meditation and breathwork come in super handy.

Stepping away was a very insightful time for me. It made me realize a lot about myself. I saw reflections of myself, even in the things that I hate the most. I personally despise social media. It drains me, takes away a lot of my time, takes me away from the present moment and my actual reality. Doing things in person is my jam.

I feel tons better after this two week break, by the way. It was good for my soul, and overall mental health.

If you’re triggered at all by social media I encourage you to step away for a little bit. Or at least unfollow any accounts that are triggering you, even if they are ones you agree with. Do some reflection over your time away and see what you notice.

YOU decide your reality. What you give power, will hold power in your life (good or bad). You always, always have the answers within.

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