Grounding yourself


I took a nice break from social last week. We started the home buying process last week, and my mind was very much focused on that. Anything extra went to the side.

As a lot of you know, home buying can be a high energy, high anxiety process. It takes up a lot of your focus. I noticed instantly that I was letting anxiety take away the joy of the process, for me. We have worked so hard to get to this point, and I was letting anxiety keep me from enjoying it. I decided I wasn’t going to allow that to happen. I wanted to enjoy this instead of wishing we were on the next step of the process. I wanted to enjoy all the steps. I had prayed and manifested the crap outta these moments, I wanted to fully embody it all. So I decided to dedicate the next day to grounding myself, and get rid of this unnecessary anxiety. So I wanted to share the techniques that worked for me.

  1. Exercise. It really helps release built up energy/anxiety in my body. It allows me to turn inward. It also helps me to be thankful for my body and the movements it’s doing. It really helps to bring me back down to earth and outta my head.
  2. Yoga/stretch. This is also exercise but for me it’s a more slow, meditative exercise. I like to focus on grounding myself during this. Feeling mother earth below me, envisioning roots growing out from me into the earth. It helps me feel supported. It takes me out of my head and into my body, and becoming more aware, and more present in the now. It really diminishes the chatter in the brain.
  3. Reading. I like reading insightful books that help to open my mind and learn. Books that ask good questions, that make me think differently. This helps me to stop obsessing about a current situation in my life and think about other things. A lot of the time I’m able to apply what I’m reading to my current life, and that helps too.
  4. Meditation. This is always my go to for anti anxiety and relaxation. It takes me away from the chatter of life, and puts me inside my body, and allows me to relax fully.
  5. Praying. This always puts life in perspective for me. It allows me to connect deeper with myself and God. I almost always find answers and reassurance.
  6. Repeating Mantras. This helps when I notice negative thinking creeping in. I pick a few mantras to repeat, and it helps keep my mind right.

These are all the practices I did in my day, and it took them all!, to diminish my anxiety and allow me to feel present in life again. I’m glad I took the time to do them, too. I was then able to fully enjoy the process of buying a home. Now I’m no longer worried, but feel excited for what’s to come. Knowing I’m always supported and provided for, even when thing’s may not seem to be going as I thought or planned. They always work out.

We did find a house we love! We are so excited to watch the process unfold. I’m going to allow myself to enjoy it all. I am literally living out my prayers, manifestations and dreams right now! It would be crazy to let anxiety take that from me.

I hope these suggestions can help you too.

Thanks for reading.

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