Baby Komosinski

I’m so excited I can finally blog about the one thing that’s been on my mind lately…Baby Komosinski!

We just announced baby yesterday. Hooray! Originally we told parents, siblings and close friends. It was absolutely killing me to wait on announcing. Today I am 12 weeks 5 days. We heard the heartbeat last Friday. It was 140 bpm. Everything looks great! I’m doing really well as my first trimester comes to an end. It was rough in the beginning. I had nausea throughout the day but nothing major, just that sick feeling that won’t go away which is still incredibly annoying and uncomfortable. Food didn’t sound good at all. I mostly ate soups and smoothies or just whatever sounded remotely good and that would go down. My energy went from “go go go! ” to, “is it time for a nap yet?!” And then of course just adjusting to my changing body which can be a mental struggle, at least for me. So all in all I can’t say to many bad things about the first trimester other than it’s all an adjustment. I have my good days and my bad but luckily the good outweigh the bad by far.

I’m still working out 3 to 5 days a week (even during those rough weeks of no energy!) which I’m super proud of myself for. I was doing my normal workouts just modifying them when I needed to. I just discovered that beachbody on demand has maternity workouts, which is great! I started those this week. So on top of walking dogs and getting exercise in that way I’m also incorporating weights/yoga when I do beachbody. So it’s a win win. I’m really striving for a fit pregnancy. It’s good for me and baby.

And of course let’s not forget how overly excited I am to be a mom!! It’s been something I’ve wanted for a long time and once I got into my 30’s it was something I finally felt ready for. We agreed it was time so we went for it and voila! I just couldn’t be more excited and ready for this part of life. I literally have no words to describe how I feel right now. I’m excited to add a new member to our team, to be a parent with Nick, to raise a baby, teach it things, show it things, watch it discover. I’m excited for the journey.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support! We can’t wait to welcome our little one into the world.

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