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Let me first add that I know very little about politics and may not use the most politically correct terms. This is just a topic that really upset me and I wanted to blog about it.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about equality, unity, and loving others. It’s easy for me to understand those things but it’s hard for me to understand the hate that is going on right now in the United States. How does one person/race/gender/religion/political party think they are superior to the next? Aren’t we all in this together? Don’t we all just want to live a happy, free life? It shouldn’t matter what the color of someones skin is or someone’s ethnicity. It shouldn’t matter what someone’s sexual preference is or how they decide they want to look. It shouldn’t matter if someone is jewish, christian, muslim, atheist or buddhist. What counts is that we all love one another despite our differences, we respect one another and we don’t harm one another.

I watched a video today (which you should totally take the time to watch!) about the Nazi protesting going on in Charlottesville. It left me speechless. I couldn’t wrap my brain around how these people thought. They literally had no concern for anyone else but their Nazi group. The man that spoke in the interview felt that the woman that died from the car driving into the crowd of people was justified. Seriously, she was an innocent human being! He even mentioned killing them all if he had to. Talk about the deepest form of hate. It saddens me that this STILL goes on today. There are so many amazing, wonderful people in this world but we still have so much hate towards others and it makes me sick. I guess my thinking is how do we get it to end? What can we as American’s do to stop it? How do you change someones opinion on a topic that they have probably felt strongly about their entire lives? It feels hopeless.

I feel like all we can do is lead by example and hope love outweighs the hate someday.

It kind of feels like Game of Thrones where Jon Snow wants everyone to join forces (despite their differences) to fight the white walkers but everyone is so consumed with wanting the iron throne to themselves and they are too arrogant to see the real threat ahead of them. We all need to be more like Jon Snow haha. Ok geek moment over.

I’m really just at a loss for words over the whole ordeal. Maybe I’m incredibly naive (I know I am) but I thought we had moved past times like these and to see it happen all over again is heartbreaking. I tend to hang around people that agree with unity, togetherness and equality. So to see the realization of what the world can be like is a real eye opener. Like I said I stay out of politics and only read up on some news. It just gives me more reason to love my neighbor and spread that love to others.

Let’s stop the hate!

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