Positive vibes only

Well as some of you may know I was going through a divorce and I’m so excited that it all got finalized yesterday! I feel like I can finally move past that part of my life. It was quite the experience and I don’t wish it upon anyone. But when it needs to happen it needs to happen. And no I’m not going to touch base on why it happened (there’s much deeper reasons than what was on the surface whether you want to believe it or not). I don’t feel the need to explain myself. My real friends stuck around. The ones that weren’t willing to hear my side left. I’m also not going to address the many many rumors I heard about myself that came from people I thought were my friends (you all know who you are). For me this post is about closure. Saying goodbye to all the negativity that came along with this experience. As well as all the fake friends I had that didn’t stick around. Im done with all that. (Bye Felicia ??)
From darkness comes light. And so much light and positivity has come from this experience that I can’t complain one bit. It’s only made me a stronger person. I’m so happy to have so many amazing people that stood by me and more that came out of the cracks supporting me. My life has improved 100% since making this choice. I hope to continue to live a life I’m proud of and that makes me happy. Positive vibes only please ✌?

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