Grounding yourself

Helloooooo…. I took a nice break from social last week. We started the home buying process last week, and my mind was very much focused on that. Anything extra went to the side. As a lot of you know, home buying can be a high energy, high anxiety process. It takes up a lot of … Read more

Potted Plant

Ok. So I wanted to write today about this metaphor I had read, about growing in your spiritual journey. I can’t find who posted it anywhere. It’s driving me crazy. haha! So I’ll just do the best I can with what I remember of it. The metaphor was something like this… Imagine a potted plant…Your … Read more

Self Care

Hey guys! I wanted to talk about self care and why it’s so important to incorporate into your life, not only now, but always. I feel like my self care game really stepped up in the last 8 months. Once I started meditating regularly and really connecting with myself, it made me see just how … Read more

Find my mojo

I’ve felt so stuck lately. Like I’ve been on an energy rollercoaster. One day I feel amazing, creative and like I’m moving forward. The next I feel stagnant, tired and like I have no idea what I’m even doing with my life. Something that has been key for me in staying centered and moving forward … Read more