Something on my mind today… I’ve been constantly seeing the numbers 11:11 for a few months now. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but then I started seeing it more and more. I decided to look into it a little bit. It’s a sign of awakening, discovering who I really am. That I’m … Read more

Shop Small

Hey guys! I just wanted to put this out there… Thanksgiving is approaching, which also means black Friday shopping. However, the next day is Small Business Saturday! Something that can be easily overlooked. I encourage everyone to try and shop small this holiday season. There are so many amazing, small, local businesses here in Findlay, … Read more

Video Reflection

I was watching a youtube video, today, of Russell Brand interviewing Gabor Mate. It is titled Damaged Leaders Rule The World. It focuses on addiction. It’s really made me stop and do some reflecting. Some serious soul searching. Questions I’ve asked myself… What types on things in my life am I addicted to? In what … Read more