Birthday Blog

Happy Hump Day! I just had a great weekend celebrating my birthday. We were kid free, in Cincinnati. We stayed with a friend of ours, who lives downtown. A couple other friends of ours came to celebrate and spend the day with us too. It was perfect, and absolutely how I wanted to spend my … Read more

Goal Achieved

Oh. My. Gosh. I did it! I reached my goal weight, which was my pre-pregnancy weight. I hit it today! After lots and lots of consistent, hard work, I did it. There was no “bouncing back” for me. To me “bouncing” requires little effort. And let me tell you, I’ve worked my a$$ off to … Read more


Today I’m going to share a simple salad I’ve been enjoying lately. I’ve been eating it for lunch, or for a snack if I need more veggies in my day. It’s a salad so you can customize it however you’d like, but this is how I’ve been making mine lately. I use spring mix. Depending … Read more

Good Enough

I never think I’m good enough in the moment, but actually I’m exactly how I should be. I think, I’m not thin enough, my skin looks bad, my face looks weird, my hair looks bad, etc. etc. But I ALWAYS look back on those photos that I was picking myself apart in, and think, “wow, … Read more