I choose.

Today I learned I don’t have to hold onto my past, my mistakes, others opinions of me. It gave me the most freeing feeling from within. It put a big smile on my face. Finally, for the first time, I felt like I really, really didn’t have to hold onto it anymore. I can let … Read more

Positive turn around

Let’s see, where to start… My mental health hasn’t been the best lately. I’ve been struggling. I’m not finding joy in things I used to and my motivation has been pretty low. Basically, depression has set in. So how do I get out of this cycle? I feel like I never get invited places, but … Read more


Today’s yoga practice really got me thinking… I woke up today thinking I needed to do day 4 of my liift4 program. I wasn’t really feeling it. I had already completed 3 days this week and was feeling good about that. My body wasn’t feeling up to having an intense workout today. I felt like … Read more