Self Care

Hey guys! I wanted to talk about self care and why it’s so important to incorporate into your life, not only now, but always. I feel like my self care game really stepped up in the last 8 months. Once I started meditating regularly and really connecting with myself, it made me see just how … Read more

Find my mojo

I’ve felt so stuck lately. Like I’ve been on an energy rollercoaster. One day I feel amazing, creative and like I’m moving forward. The next I feel stagnant, tired and like I have no idea what I’m even doing with my life. Something that has been key for me in staying centered and moving forward … Read more

April update on life

Hey guys! I’ve been really quiet on here lately. Amongst all this craziness, I’ve been focusing more internally. I’ve been really focusing on my health, and keeping my mind open and expanded. It’s been a great time for that, since everything is slowed down. I’ve also been focusing more on my family, which has been … Read more

Reality Shift

Lately I’ve been at a loss at how I feel. I’m usually pretty quick to figure things out and move forward. Lately though, I’ve been stuck. I feel like I can’t even think straight. What I knew as my reality has drastically changed and that’s been hard to process. I’m usually trying to process through … Read more