Hey, guys! I’ve barley made time for writing lately, so I failed to post Monday. Monday I finished up making the rest of my goodies for The Lavender Hour. I’ll have more elderberry syrup there this week, as well as my body butter. I’m super excited for that! I’m still so grateful for the opportunity Katy has given me, by letting me sell my products in her studio. I’ve been manifesting and praying for abundance, and it has by far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to see what October brings. October is also my absolute favorite month of the year. Spooky season 🙂

Also, a little update since I had wrote this, which was yesterday. I was contacted by someone I’ve known for many years about a great opportunity. I’m not going into details now, but some great things may happen for me down the road. We will see. But regardless, I’m bringing so many amazing things into my life at the moment. It’s seriously amazing!

An update on going off my Zoloft. It’s going really good this time around. I’ve noticed very minimal side affects. At times I’d start to feel overwhelmed for no reason. I’d have foggy brain and find it hard to focus. I took CBD when I’d notice those feelings and within 20 min I’d feel like myself again. Today (Tuesday) is actually the first day that I hadn’t had those feelings. So tomorrow (Wednesday) I wont take a dose, and I’ll take one every other day for a few days. I’ll see how that goes. Hopefully within another week I’ll be completely off of it. I always take my time with this so my mental health doesn’t plummet. But I’m feeling great and CBD has been a life saver.

Life is going great. Lot’s of good things coming up.

A little something that I felt like putting out there…

If you really want to drastically change your life, start meditating. Start to connect with your inner self, your soul, shakti, God. It will make you truly happy. I have no doubt about it. It has changed my life and has brought so much goodness into it. I personally like to do guided meditations from Aaron Doughty on Youtube. I do one for opening my third eye chakra and my heart chakra. I’ve also done some on the headspace app. But I’m really into the chakra opening at the moment. It’s just so amazing!

Thanks for reading.

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