last week’s update

Hey, guys! Sorry about not posting last week. Life has been extra full of things lately, and I just didn’t make time to sit down and write.

An update on going off my anti-depressants. I decided I needed to stay on them. I was feeling pretty good most days, but I was definitely feeling more down/sad since I had started going off of them. I was crying more and just not feeling stable emotionally, like I was prior. I was also feeling more overwhelmed with daily tasks. I had been feeling so great about myself and life, so I knew something was up when I suddenly started to feel the opposite.

Overall, I just didn’t feel my best self. So instead of trying to prove something to myself, I decided to just start taking it again. I already feel more balanced mentally since weening myself back on. No shame! Maybe I’ll be ready at some other point down the road.

We also just got back from a family vacation in Hocking Hills. It was so much fun and the re-charge that I needed. Nature is so good for my soul.

I’m really hoping for a strong start to my week.

I hope everyone has a solid week, full of love and positive things 🙂

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