CBD now available in my shop

If you know me well, you know that I have been using CBD for well over a year.

I was having serious problems sleeping once my daughter was born, even after she wasn’t waking up multiple times a night. I had heard CBD could help with sleep, so I wanted to give it a try.

I tried a locally sold CBD product, but I wasn’t noticing any changes in my sleep.

I then came across Sisters of the Valley CBD and wanted to give it a try. I started seeing changes in my sleep almost instantly.

This product is full spectrum, lab tested, is made with quality herb, and isn’t just some glorified bottle of hemp oil.

I wanted to use something that I could stand behind AND that would actually work.

I truly believe Sisters of the Vally is the best CBD product out there.

It’s produced by women who gather together on full moons in Northern California to create their oils, tinctures, and salves while blessing their creations in the light of the full moon.

Can’t get more hippie than that.

I love their CBD so much that I am now offering it to you.

I have become a vendor for Sisters of the Valley and to celebrate I am taking pre-orders until November 15th.

You can order through the shop on my website or message me directly. Free local pickup available!

If you know of a friend who’s been curious about CBD or know someone this powerful medicine can help, please tag them below.

Who has tried CBD? Who’s curious about trying CBD? Let me know below!!

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