thoughts of today.

Gosh I don’t even know where to begin, or what to write about. Life has been beautiful lately.

Although, right now I feel sadness inside. I’m sad for my husband. He has to have some dental work done that is going to take months to complete. He was assaulted while in college and got his front tooth knocked out. He’s had numerous dental procedures done because of this, and it’s continued years later. He’s so stressed about the entire thing. Not only will it be painful for him and extremely inconvenient, it’s also going to cost a lot of money. My heart just breaks for him. Dental stuff is never fun.

He wont have a front tooth for a minimum of 6 months. He will have a cosmetic tooth in it’s place, that he has to take out anytime he eats. He has to have a bone build up in order to have a more “permanent” tooth put in, which will take months.

All of this because he decided to walk some friends home one night and got jumped.

Luckily we have the means to get it fixed though. My heart just hurts for him. He could definitely use some prayers and positive thoughts his way.

A little rant…

I honestly despise the medical system in America. It’s a joke, a money maker, a business, a scam. It’s not in it for the wellbeing of the people at all, only for a profit. Thats one big reason I try to live a healthy lifestyle. (and question medicine) If it can keep me out of a doctors office or hospital I’m all for it. The same goes for natural medicine. Whether that’s elderberry syrup, colloidal silver, CBD oil, or just eating healthy foods to make sure my body functions properly and gets proper nutrients. These things help me to actually feel better and don’t pump me full of unnecessary, harmful things. A lot of the food, drinks and medicine that are pushed on us are the very things causing people to be sick!

Anyway… That’s a whole other post. 🙂

I went off a little there, but thinking of medical stuff get’s me a little worked up haha! If you’ve ever dealt with ridiculous medical bills I’m sure you can relate. We had a lot with our daughter’s birth too. Sometimes it just seems never ending.

But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 This too shall pass.

Happy Monday and thanks for reading.

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