anti depressants

Hey all! I haven’t had many ideas for blogs here lately. I’ve been busy focusing on my small business, running around after my daughter and enjoying lots of family time. I’m also reading a lot more in my free time. Right now I’m reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It’s amazing so far!

So today I started weening myself off of my Zoloft. I’m so ready for this. I was put back on it after I had Olivia. I was having postpartum depression and anxiety pretty bad. I went to my doctor immediately once I realized I was having issues. It really helped me in the early stages of motherhood. My hormones and moods were all over the place and it really helped me balance them out more. It still wasn’t easy, but it helped a lot.

I was taking 25mg, which is really low. So today I broke that in half and I’ll do that for a few days, maybe even a week. Then take half a pill every other day or so. I always just listen to my body. Sometimes the side effects of going off can be pretty hard to deal with, so I always ween off very slowly.

I tried going off when Olivia was around 9 months old and it didn’t go well. So I continued to take it. I’m hoping this time is better. I definitely feel ready.

I have a lot of posts earlier on about my experiences on Zoloft. I’ve been on it two other times in my life, for totally different reasons. I hope I never have to be on it again, but if I do there’s no shame. Sometimes it’s that little extra thing that helps us feel better, when we’ve tried everything we can on our own.

I’ll be using CBD to help with the process too. I’ve had a couple borderline panic attacks within the last month. I’ve taken CBD and it has made me feel back to normal within 20 min. So I’m hoping that will help with any side affects of going off the meds.

Wish me luck!

If anyone reading this has any similar experiences, or has taken anti depressants, and needs someone to turn to, I’m always here to listen. 🙂

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