Silver Lining

What a week it has been. Gosh, where to start? I made my first big batch of elderberry syrup and sold 15 jars. That was an experience in itself. It was my first time making a big batch. I somehow yielded more per recipe than I had before so I made 11 extra jars. Oops. It was slightly frustrating but a learning experience at least. I was happy with the amount of people interested in buying and I hope I get around the same amount the next time I make some.

It makes me feel valuable when I contribute to the world, or help people in some way. And making money is nice, too. It also gave me something to look forward to and something to do while I’m at home. I hope to continue to make it, maybe even someday sell it at the brewery.

Also this week, Nick has had to work insane hours. I’m talking 17 hour days. He’s in the office by 7am and has gotten home after 11pm, close to midnight. It’s been ROUGH! It’s made for very long days taking care of Olivia and Eevee (who has a broken toe and is in a splint). It’s also made for a very lonely week. I feel incredibly stupid for wanting to complain to anyone about it because I’m a stay at home mom, what is there to complain about right? Being a stay at home mom is nice don’t get me wrong. But it also has rough patches just like any job. Lot’s of isolation, being stuck in the house for days when the weather is bad, sometimes only having conversations with grocery store employees the entire week, not feeling valued by society, and feeling incredibly guilty when I complain or have a hard time. And sure, I could get a job, but me staying home and raising our daughter is what works for our family right now, so it’s what I do. And it’s what I want to do, I love it! It’s just hard when my partner isn’t able to help for days at a time. Which is what has made this week particularly hard. But, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. This to shall pass, and all that jazz.

When I have rough days, or weeks, like this I always take time to say at least 5 positive things about my day out loud. Or like yesterday, things were just going wrong, one thing after another. I needed to run errands so before I left the house I said to myself, “this outing will be a positive experience, good things will happen”. And low and behold they did. I try really hard not to let my circumstances control my mood, because if I did I’d always attract negative energy. All it takes is simply changing my way of thinking to change how I view the world and my circumstances. It’s never failed me.

So yes, it’s been a rough week but it’s also been a great week. I’ve grown mentally and found new strength’s within myself. And I finally got to see my husband last night for more than 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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