Starting my new year off with some yoga. I was presented with a 30 day dedication to yoga just before the new year started. I thought it would be a nice change of pace from my typical lifting and hiit workouts I’ve been doing.

Today for day 1 we were asked to write down why we chose to take this 30 day journey. Originally I thought it was just to switch it up, like I said earlier. The more I thought about it, I actually chose to do it for much deeper reasons.

I chose to do yoga to find inner peace and balance in my life once again. I feel that I’ve completely lost that since having a baby. I’m so used to the go, go, go of daily life now I never make time for myself, my inner self. I want to feel at peace again and whole. I also hope it opens up my creative mind again. After doing yoga for a few days now, leading up to the 30 days, I already feel a little more peaceful and in tune with me. I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of the 30 days.

I’m also looking forward to the health benefits of yoga, of course. Using my muscles in different ways, stretching my body back out, relaxing my mind, it’s all so beneficial. As much as I love lifting and more intense workouts, I think this will be really good for me.

So here’s to 30 days of yoga and hopefully finding more peace and balance within.

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